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Woman and two children sitting on the terrace at 'Skaldegard' farm on a warm summer day, overlooking the Aurland fjord
Woman and two children sitting on the terrace at 'Skaldegard' farm on a warm summer day, overlooking the Aurland fjord
Guided group of 8 people walking up the steep trails to 'Skaldegard' farm, overlooking the Aurland fjord
Group of 8 people entering farm yard at 'Skaldegard' surrounded by historical buildings in yellow with gras roofs. Aurland fjord in background
Farm woman in historical dressing, demonstrate youths how to carry two milk buckets hanging over their shoulders outside old goat shed
Farm woman standing outside under a terrace roof explaining guided group sitting by table overlooking the Aurland fjord
Farm woman sitting inside a cosy timber building in her national costume surrounded by antique furniture and a large voven 'carpet' on the wall
Woman and child walks between the old farm buildings on a warm summer day in the grass. Amazing view of Aurland fjord
Woman in beautiful Norwegian national costume smiles as she presents locally produced flat bread in her historical kitchen

Skaldegard by the fjords

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Visit Skaldegard in the old hamlet of Skjerdal, which clings to the mountainside by the UNESCO-listed Aurlandsfjord. This guided tour of the historical farm buildings in Skjerdal includes an insight into agriculture and way of life and sampling locally-produced food against a background of amazing fjord views.

Life by the fjords

Skaldegard invites small groups to learn about the local area’s natural environment by the fjord, history, agriculture and way of life, both past and present. Your visit will include a guided tour of the historic farm buildings in Skjerdal, as well as sampling local food, including goat’s cheese and salted and dried meats.

In autumn 2010, husband and wife Jon Skjerdal and An-Magritt Lindtner took over the derelict goat farm of Nigarden in Skjerdal village in Aurland municipality. The idea was to preserve the beautiful old farm buildings as monuments to a bygone era. They also wanted to share the village’s unique character and cultural history with guests and visitors from both near and far.

Skjerdal village is located around 6.5 km north along the fjord from the centre of Aurland, at an altitude of 210 metres. The road is narrow with sharp hairpin bends. Parking is unfortunately very limited so we would kindly ask you not to bring your own car.

Only by request

Group size: Min. 2 persons, max. 8 persons – for larger groups, please contact Flåm Visitor Center:

Tel.: +47 57 63 14 00 or email.: info@visitflam.com

Season: June–September, or by agreement

Pick-up and drop off: Flåm, via Aurland to Skjerdal/Skaldegard

Hiking trail
Cultural/ Historical
Photo stop
From NOK 850,-

Cultural-historical experiences

Authentic sightseeing

Inside the historical restored barn you can sample homemade lefse, a traditional Norwegian flatbread. We will then take you on a journey through Norwegian folklore to a world in which trolls and huldra live. Welcome!