Fretheim Hotel

Food and beverages

We aim to give our guests an amazing gourmet experience.

Locally produced food has always been served at the Fretheim Hotel, something which is a natural consequence of having some of the best producers of cheese, meats, fruit and vegetables right on your doorstep. The animals that graze in the mountains have a higher carcass weight on average than other animals in the country. The reason is the higher nutritional content in the grass and wild herbs that grow in the fjord landscape. 

The food is processed, smoked and cured in the traditional ways and the chefs are given the best ingredients to compose the delicate and delicious dishes. 

Local produce 

Fretheim Hotel has always served local food, which is no surprise when some of the best producers of cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables are just outside our door. Our food is prepared, smoked and cured in traditional ways and our chefs seek out the best ingredients to create the tastiest dishes...

Our cuisine is defined by local ingredients and seasonal produce served in a contemporary style. Its hallmarks are honesty and authenticity, and it is created from the ground up, to produce new taste sensations and dining experiences. ..

Bon appétit!..

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