Flåm AS cooperates with Innovation Norway, Fjord Norway and Visit Sognefjord for press tours and press information.

There are roughly 50 - 100 inspection tours on the Flam railway, in Flam and the surrounding area. Se also our extensive photo service and videos that are available in order to inform about Flam and the attractions. 

You can also download a press-kit in English as pdf and in MS Word formats. 

There are between 50 and 100 viewing tours annually on the Flåm Railway, and in Flåm and the surrounding area.  Se også vår omfattende Fotobank og video som tilgjengelig for å informere om Flåm og attraksjonene...

You can also download an English press kit PDF or MS Word document here...

For press requests please contact: 

Telefon: +47 48 10 87 05


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