[Fretheim Hotel] What is the distance between the train station and Fretheim Hotel?

The distance between the train station and the Fretheim Hotel is about 150 meters.

[Fretheim Hotel] Is there free Wi-Fi at the Fretheim Hotel?

Yes, there is free Wi-Fi at the Fretheim hotel, available in all the rooms and in the common areas for hotel guests only.

[Fretheim Hotel] What is the opening hours for the restaurant in the evening?

The restaurant is open until 21:00 during the low season and 21:30 during the high season.

[Fretheim Hotel] Is the Fretheim Hotel open during Christmas?

No, the hotel is closed from the 14th of December until the 3rd of January. 

[Fretheim Hotel] Does the Fretheim Hotel have free parking?

Yes, there is a free parking lot in the read-side of the hotel.

[Fretheim Hotel] Can we store luggage at the Fretheim Hotel?

Yes, luggage can be store in the luggage room by the reception.

[Fretheim Hotel] Does the Fretheim Hotel have wheelchair accessible rooms?

Yes, the Fretheim Hotel has two wheelchair accessible rooms. they are both located on the first floor and a short distance from the reception. For special requests please contact the hotel reception at +47 9920 2610

[Fretheim Hotel] Do you offer any tour packages that include an overnight stay in the Fretheim Hotel?

Yes, we offer the spring fairlytale packages that includes the Flåm Railway and a night at the hotel. You can find more information about this package here

[Fretheim Hotel] Do all the rooms have a fjord view?

The Fretheim Hotel has rooms with fjord view and mountain view. You can choose your preferred view when making your reservation. Please note that rooms are subject to availability. 

[Fretheim Hotel] Is it possible to have food served after the restaurant has closed?

If you wish to have food served after the restaurant closing hours, for instance in the case of a late arrival, please contact the hotel staff in advance for further information. 

[Flåm] Do you have any recommendation for restaurants in Flåm?

There are several different restaurants in Flåm. Please visit our restaurants page for more information.

[Flåm] Do you have any recommendations for accommodations in Flåm?

For accomodations in Flåm Please visit our hotels page.

[Balestrand] Are there any restaurants in Balestrand?

Yes, you will find a range of restaurants in Balestrand. 

[Aurland] Are there any cafés or restaurants in Aurland?

Yes, there are two cafes in Aurland and a diner by the Lærdal tunnel.

[Undredal] Is there any accomodation in Undredal?

For accomodation in Undredal please contact the tourist information office on +47 9487 7501 or via email on

[Undredal] Is it possible to purchase any food in Undredal?

Yes, there is a café and a grocery store.