Walk or cycle the Flåm Valley

Explore the Flåm Valley on foot or from the saddle! Combine the stunning Flåm Railway train journey with an idyllic walk down the verdant Flåm Valley. The path follows the last section of the popular Rallar Road, ending back at Flåm on the Sognefjord.

The package includes:

  • One-way ticket on the Flåm Railway
  • A map of the Flåm Valley is available at the Flåm Customer Centre, or you can download a here.

Length: 20 km
Difficulty: medium

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Begin your trip by taking Norway's most popular train journey from Flåm to Myrdal, up vertiginous valley sides in the heart of the fjords. The train journey up and the walk or cycle back down offer amazing views of majestic waterfalls: Kjosfossen, Kårdalsfossen, Rjoandefossen and Brekkefossen.

From the terminal at Myrdal, the last section of the Rallar Road descends the Flåm Valley to Flåm. The road from Myrdal covers the last 20 kilometres of Norway's most spectacular cycle route. The Rallar Road is the old navvies' access road from when the Bergen Railway was built. The upper section is an unsurfaced track, while the lower half is a tarmac road carrying local pedestrian and vehicle traffic. 

A highpoint of the trip is Myrdalsberget, where the route snakes down through 21 hairpins, before following the valley floor and Flåm river to your destination. The Rallarrosa dairy at Kårdal is a traditional mountain farm that sells home-made goat's cheese. This is a charming place to take a break and taste a genuine local speciality. Halfway down the valley is the deep Berekvam gorge. The farms in the valley were active long before the railway and roads arrived, and they are still in use all year round. Flåm church, built in 1667, is in the centre of Flåm by Håreina.

For more information about longer hikes from Vatnahalsen or Reinunga, contact the Flåm Customer Centre.

By bicycle

If you want to cycle down the Flåm valley on your own bicycle, book a Flåm-Myrdal train ticket. And remember to book space for your bicycle too. If you don't have your own cycle, you can hire one for a day from Flåm's Rallar Road Cycle Hire. You'll find them in the centre of Flåm, right by the train station. Hire a cycle here

Alternatively, you can hire a cycle from Café Rallaren at Myrdal station. In that case, you don't need to purchase a cycle ticket for the train. You return the cycle to Flåm station after your trip. To hire a cycle at Myrdal, contact Café Rallaren by e-mail  or call 57 63 37 56.

We recommend that you take your time cycling down the Flåm valley, and show consideration to other cyclists and oncoming walkers. At certain places, such as parts of the Myrdal hairpins and through the 118-metre-long Kårdal Tunnel, inexperienced cyclists and those carrying children should dismount and walk. Note that you are likely to meet many hikers, other cyclists and the occasional motor vehicle along the entire route, and cyclists, like all other road users, are responsible for their own safety.

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