The Aurland Valley

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The Aurland Valley, sometimes called Norway's Grand Canyon, is an extraordinary nature experience and a popular route for mountain walkers.


Old carriage road over to Eastern Norway

The Aurland Valley is 40 km long and was long used as a carriage road for goods and cattle by local farmers on their way to markets in Eastern Norway. This picturesque valley running from mountain down to fjord is visited by many hikers wanting to experience the beautiful wilds of Western Norway from Geiteryggen to Vassbygdi.

In addition to its natural mountain scenery, the valley is home to cultural heritage in the shape of abandoned farms and pastures. As recently as 1850, there were 10 farms and smallholdings in the Aurland Valley.

The tourist route is renowned for the variety and drama of its scenery. The valley features many viewpoints, including the Sinjarheim mountain farm and the reputedly bottomless VetlaHelvete cave.

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