UNESCO – Nærøyfjord

Nærøyfjord, the most beautiful and dramatic of the branches of Sognefjord, is on UNESCO's World Heritage List.


Majestic fjord landscape 

Few places in the world can offer as breathtaking a landscape as the fjords of Western Norway. This is especially true of the spectacular, narrow Nærøyfjord – with its steep valley sides rising up to 1,800 metres, its wild waterfalls and vibrant cultural landscape that will take the breath away. 

Small farms unconnected to roads can be seen at several places along the fjord, evidence of the time when the fjord was this area's most important transport artery.

Nærøyfjord is a branch of the famous Sognefjord, and here you can take a Nærøyfjord fjord cruise from Flåm and Gudvangen every day of the year.

Nærøyfjord on the UNESCO World Heritage list

Nærøyfjord is one of two Western Norwegian fjord areas on the UNESCO World Heritage list – it was inscribed on the list in 2005. This unique fjord is 17 kilometres long and only 250 metres wide at its narrowest.

Frequently asked questions

[Nærøyfjord] What can you see in the Nærøyfjord?

The fjord is 18 km long in between majestic mountains and is sourrounded by fantastic nature and wildlife. It was added to the UNESCO world heritage list in 2005. 

[Nærøyfjord] How does the Nærøyfjord differ from the Sognefjord?

The Nærøyfjord is an arm of the Sognefjord, where the narrowest point of the Sognefjord is found. Its beauty is breathtaking and it provides incredible views. 

[Nærøyfjord] Does the boat sail close enough to the shore to take photos?

The boat sails in the middle of the fjord for the main part of the journey, giving you beautiful sceneries all around you.  

[Nærøyfjord Sightseeing] Which fjords will we be sailing on during the boat trip?

During your journey, the boat will sail on the Nærøyfjord, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list, and the Aurlandsfjord, which is a branch of the Sognefjord. 

[Nærøyfjord Sightseeing] Where can I buy tickets for the fjord cruise?

You can buy tickets on our website or in our visitor center. 

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