The Aurland Shoe

See quality craftsmanship in action and meet the only shoemakers still producing the traditional Aurland Shoe.


Traditional and popular pennyloafer

The Aurland shoe has been made since the 1930s and The Aurland Shoe is now the only manufacturer of this traditional pennyloafer style, famed for its penny embellishment. Many varieties of the shoe are now made alongside the traditional leather-soled classic.

See the shoemakers at work

Visit the shoemakers and see craftsmanship in action. A welcome awaits you at the Aurland Shoemakers, which has a visitor centre where you can learn about the history of this classic shoe and its production from leather to finished product. And if you buy a pair of Aurland Shoes here, you will take home both memories of your trip and an excellent pair of shoes that will last many years.


In 2009, Aurland Skofabrikk was approved as an Économusée, a Canadian visitor centre concept, that tells the story of the cobbler's craft.

Buy the Aurland Shoe online

Did you know that we have our own online store where you can buy the traditional Aurland Shoe, bags, belts and other accessories? See our range in the online store here.

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The story

The story

The new Aurland Shoe workshop dates from the 1930s. It was claimed that Nils Tveranger was inspired by the traditional moccasins of the Iroquois tribe in America.