Fjærlandsfjord, a branch of Sognefjord, is also known as the green fjord. Fjærland is situated where the glacier meets the fjord. Here, you can get up close to Jostedalen Glacier, the largest in continental Europe.


As well as getting close to the glacier, at Fjærland, you will also find the Norwegian Glacier Museum. The museum will give you an insight into how glaciers have influenced us and the climate through the ages. The Norwegian Book Town and the distinctive, wood-built Hotel Mundal from 1891 are also worth visiting.

Frequently asked questions

[Fjærland] How far is Fjaerland from Flaam?

Fjærland is located approximately 110 km away from Flåm and it takes about two and a half hours by car.

[Fjærland] Is there a tourist information office in Fjaerland?

Yes, there is a tourist information located in Mundal, which is about 2 km far from the highway. For more information, please contact the Tourist information via

[Fjærland] Where is the book town of Mundal located?

Mundal is located at the center of Fjærdland which is about 3 km away from the main road.

[Fjærland] Is it possible to get to Suppahellabreen and Boyabreen glaciers by car?

Yes it is possible to get to the glaciers by car, from the car park you will only have to walk for a few minutes.

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Fjord Cruise Fjærlandsfjord

Fjord Cruise Fjærlandsfjord

Enjoy the wonderful fjord journey to the villages among the glaciers - Balestrand and Fjærland. Along the fjord we'll pass tiny villages, waterfalls and steep mountains. Fjærland is situated where the glacier meets the fjord.


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