The viewpoint at Stalheim in the UNESCO fjord landscape
Stalheim viewpoint with a view of the UNESCO landscape

Stalheim Hotel with its stunning views over Nærøydal has been a high point in both senses for tourists to Western Norway for nearly 200 years.


Stalheimskleiva road, one of Northern Europe's steepest roads

The Stalheimskleiva road is the spectacular 1.5 km long route that snakes up the steep mountainside through 13 bends to the Stalheim Hotel. Stalheimskleiva, constructed between 1842-18461, is one of the steepest roads in Northern Europe.  Along the route, you will also get a fantastic view of two waterfalls, Stalheimsfossen at 126 metres and Sivlefossen at 142 metres.

Stalheim Hotel

In picturesque natural surroundings at the top of the (in)famous Stalheimskleiva road is Stalheim Hotel with fantastic views over the Nærøydal valley which, along with the Nærøy fjord, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004.

Stalheim Hotel's humble beginnings go back to 1647 and the opening of the post road between Oslo and Bergen when Stalheim was one of many staging posts along the route. In 1750, the innkeeper's cottage, now in the museum at Stalheim, was opened. The first hotel with some 20 beds opened in 1885, but within only 10 years of operation it had gained a reputation as one of the foremost country hotels in Norway, welcoming both tourists and artists.

With the majestic scenery that surrounds Stalheim, the experience of nature was of course an important aspect of any visit. Whether you just want to sit on the hotel's terrace and be moved by the sublime views or if you'd rather be more active and go hiking in the mountains, our aim is to create the conditions for a magnificent and memorable experience.

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