The Church in Undredal, in the Naeroyfjord
Undredal church in the middle of the UNESCO world heritage fjords landscape

Beautiful Undredal in the Nærøyfjord World Heritage area is a little village with a big history and perhaps the world's best goat's cheese.


The little village with a lot of goats

The houses are tightly packed in Undredal, a little picturesque village in the UNESCO World Heritage area along Nærøyfjord. Undredal has around 80 inhabitants, 300 goats and the smallest stave church in Scandinavia.

Known for its excellent goat's cheese

Here they are most famous for their superb goat's cheese, the result of long traditions of diary and cheesemaking. Undredal's cheese was recognised as Norway's best goat's cheese in 2012. If you take a trip to Undredal, you should visit Eldhuset Undredalsosten Visitor Centre for a display of traditional cheesemaking and a good tasting opportunity. It's a chance to buy a piece of goat's cheese before taking a guided tour of Undredal stave church.

Continue further along the valley and you can visit Undredal wood turners. Here Edvin produces beautiful objects in wood, all handmade from local trees.

Don't forget to visit the general store and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of this World Heritage site.

Frequently asked questions

[Undredal] Is it possible to purchase any food in Undredal?

Yes, there is a café and a grocery store. 

[Undredal] Is there any accomodation in Undredal?

For accomodation in Undredal please contact the tourist information office on +47 9487 7501 or via email on

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