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Hands reaching over a buffet of loal salads, carrot cake, bread and cured meet in Flåm
Hands holding a circular goat cheese with kitchen knife ready on the table beside
Urchin on a plate of ice and seaweed on Fretheim Hotel's restaurant Arven
A chef decorating a dessert on the kitchen with a dinner plate ready beside it
Four people cheering with glasses of redwine in Flåm
A plate on a wooden tray with baked cauliflower, salad and pink flowers as decoration
Plate filled with baked salmon, potatoes and cucumber next to a glass of decorated cream dessert and a glass of water

Food and Beverages

Our philosophy will be further developed and will elevate the food and beverage experience for guests who want something out of the ordinary. The dissemination of history through food and drink will take place with emphasis on local produce throughout the seasons. The food should be genuine and honest, made from scratch and offer great flavours and new combinations.

Gourmet experience

Fretheim Hotel aims to give its guests an amazing gourmet experience by offering a combination of first-rate regional and seasonal ingredients, accompanied by an excellent range of drinks to enhance the culinary experience.

Locally-produced food

Locally-produced food has always been served at the Fretheim Hotel, something which is a natural consequence of having some of the best suppliers of cheese, meats, fruit and vegetables right on our doorstep.

Traditional ways

The food is processed, smoked and cured in traditional ways and our chefs are given the finest ingredients with which to compose their delicate and delicious dishes. 

Good food and drinks is an important part of a successful stay

En tallerken med bakt blomkål og tilbehør av grønne urter og rosa blomster

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