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Booking Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply between Flåm AS and any party who enters into an agreement with Flåm AS in accordance with the booking confirmation (the guest). The agreement may apply to accommodation, travel, the purchase of other products or services, or a combination of these.

Who is the responsible party? 
Flåm AS, PB 42, N-5742 Flåm, Norway, business registration no. 982 897 424. Flåm AS is responsible for all transactions that take place through the website. Our partner PayEX is responsible for the secure processing of credit card numbers and codes in accordance with the requirements defined in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Our subcontractors.
We are responsible for ensuring that our subcontractors are paid for what you have ordered through us. Our subcontractors are individually responsible for their own parts of the programme, including comprehensive insurance, permits, equipment, staffing, etc., and for complying with prevailing laws and regulations applicable to the subcontractor. 

The agreement. 
As the seller, Flåm AS is responsible vis-à-vis the guest for the guest's entitlements under the agreement. Responsibility for assignments to be performed by parties others than Flåm AS rests with such parties themselves.

As the organiser, Flåm AS is obligated to ensure the following: 
That written confirmation of the booking is sent to the guest along with any other necessary documentation. 

Flåm AS is only responsible for the travel as described. If such agreements are made between a third party and a purchaser, they should be in writing. All customer data shall be stored in accordance with Norwegian law and no personal data shall be sold on to a third party.

Binding reservation: 
A reservation is binding as soon as a booking number has been assigned to the guest and payment made. It is the guest's responsibility to verify that the arrival and departure dates and all other crucial booking data are correct. 

The guest shall pay 100% of the package cost when booking via www.visitflam.com. The guest shall produce confirmation of the booking upon arrival. The website is 3D secure enabled.


Information about cancellations


Cancellation of reservation without insurance:

  • The guest may cancel with Flåm AS. Flåm AS and package suppliers will only accept cancellations and amendments made by the guest. Flåm AS undertakes to submit confirmation of the cancellation/amendment in writing.
  • If the cancellation is made 30 or more days before arrival, the entire amount shall be refunded. 
  • If the reservation is cancelled/changed/amended less than 30 days before arrival, the amount is not refundable. 

When you have taken out cancellation insurance, the following rules apply:
In the event of illness, loss or damage to luggage, accidents, liability and similar, we recommend that all our customers ensure they have sufficient insurance cover before travelling.

Having purchased cancellation insurance from Flåm AS, the customer may cancel up to midnight (24.00) on the day before the start of the package. In such cases, the entire amount of the booking will be refunded, less the cancellation insurance amount (10% of the booking amount). Any refund will be made to the credit card used for the booking.

Booking amendments must be made by 16.00 on the day before departure, subject to available capacity.

The guest's obligations: 
In order to book/sign up for a package with Flåm AS, the guest must be at least 20 years of age. At least one occupant of the accommodation must be 20 years of age or more. In the event of any doubt regarding the age limit, proof of age must be available. If the age limit is not met at the time the accommodation is taken over, the cancellation rules apply (the cancellation rules of each individual supplier).

The guest is obliged to observe house rules, instructions and regulations applying to travel, accommodation, etc. Between the hours of 23.00 and 07.00, the guest is obliged to keep noise to a minimum out of consideration for other guests. The guest is fully liable for any damage.  Flåm AS or its subcontractors are entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the guest or anyone in the guest's company behaves disruptively and/or causes damage to the accommodation or surrounding area.

Guests are advised that Flåm AS' suppliers may adopt their own rules and obligations and the customer is responsible for familiarising himself/herself with these.

The resale of tickets on the Flåm Railway is not permitted and the credit card used for purchase must be brought along and be available for checking.   

What if something goes wrong? 
Any faults/deficiencies must be reported immediately to the responsible party at the location concerned so as to allow the matter to be rectified as soon as possible. If you have neglected to seek redress during the lease period and thus denied yourself the opportunity to have any faults rectified, you may not subsequently claim compensation.

If a disagreement arises between a supplier and a guest concerning quality, faults or deficiencies that may have arisen before or during the stay, Flåm AS, as an agent, will not be a party to such a matter.

Force Majeure/Disclaimer
Flåm AS shall not be held liable for the consequences of poor weather conditions, closed facilities or other factors outside the company's control. Should any faults occur, Flåm AS is fully entitled to cancel the booking.