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Garden Concert CC Cowboys

Book now! From NOK 1925,-

CC Cowboys have been delivering top quality Norwegian rock for 29 years

CC Cowboys

CC Cowboys has achieved several awards, been awarded gold and platinum trophies, had thousands of concerts and has an impressive number of hit songs throughout the last three decades.

Garden concert 

  • The garden at Fretheim Hotel, Saturday 30 May 2020
  • Individual tickets NOK 595,- can be purchased at www.ticketmaster.no
  • 18:30: Gates open
  • 19:00: Music by Kai Martin Brekke Band and CC Cowboys
From NOK 1925,-

Good athmosphere

The garden concert at Fretheim Hotel has become a tradition for many, due to good music and a pleasant atmosphere. Our skilled staff welcome you and offer food and drink for sales in the garden.

Perfekt Normal

The band's 11th studio album "Perfekt Normal" was released summer 2018. An album where they go back to their roots and cultivate the direct and dynamic expression we know from their concerts. The material was recorded more or less live in studio, which can be heard on the energy and nerve in both performance and te way the recordings are made. CC Cowboys was inspired by the spontaneity and roughness of the classic '60s-70s rock recordings, but with a modern approach.