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The Aurland Shoe

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Aurland shoe blue nubuck

One of our best-selling Penny loafer! A sporty variant that goes with most things. 

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Handmade shoes from high quality leather

The leather used in all our shoes has a thickness of 2,2mm - 2.4mm. This is quite thick, and can hardly be found in any other type of shoe today. A consequence of this is that Aurland shoe requires some time to fit, but in a short while the foot will shape the leather, and it will feel soft and comfortable on the foot. Since the leather will conform to the foot, the shoe should be a bit tight to start with.

If your shoes are getting wet after a rainy day, it is important to remember that leather should dry at room temperature. If they are dried at high temperature it is a risk that the skin retracts and becomes dry and stiff.

The leather comes from cattle that have been grazing in Switzerland and France, and is tanned by Sepeci, one of Europe's best tannery. http://www.sepiciholding.com/index.php

Most of the Aurland shoe comes with different types of sole. Rubber sole, rough rubber sole and leather sole. The leather soles are best suited for indoor use / evening/dancing shoes, and light use out on dry days. All our soles are attached to the shoe using a two-component glue through a technical process.

Maintenance of nubuck (suede) leather products

For the nubuck leather to remain soft and fine it requires regular treatment with waterproofing spray specially designed for leather Nubuck quality. We recommend "Aqua Stop" from Gala. Leather fat or shoe polish is not suitable for nubuck leather.
Clean your shoe with shoe brush with brass bristles especially for nubuck leather. This removes dust and dirt while ruffling the surface of the skin and it regains its distinctive nubuck surface. Be a little careful with shoe brush on the seams. Spray then with waterproofing spray and allow to dry.

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